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2023-09-22ISED SPECTRA SHUTDOWN: September 21 to 25, 2023 (5 days)
2023-09-20ANATEL published IPv6 and Smart TV Box conformity assessme
2023-09-15Some electrical and electronic equipment in Saudi Arabia ne
2023-09-07New Style and Code Coding Rules for Radio Transmission Equi
2023-08-25【Heads Up】 ICASA published 2023 Radio Spectrum Regulati
2023-08-18【Reminder】Change of the List of EAC Safety standards fo
2023-08-04The latest concession after Brexit: the use of CE mark will
2023-06-30The UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructu
2023-04-04Brazil ANATEL published a new Act!
2023-05-25News for China's Certification Policies and Regulations U


2023-09-14About France’s random test of iPhone 12
2023-08-18Impact of the new EU Battery Regulation (EU) 2023/1542 on ma
2023-08-07Wi-Fi 7 test explanation was brought to you by BTL!
2023-06-05Major technical change of the IEC 62368-1:2023 (ED4.0)
2022-09-13BTL is recognized by Qualcomm Smart Transmit test
2022-09-07[Interpretation] Japan opens Wi-Fi 6E certification
2022-08-05[Interpretation] New Zealand opens Wi-Fi 6E band
2022-08-02BTL completed E112 test capacity building
2022-05-16[Interpretation] Canadian Wi-Fi 6E standard RSS-248 update
2022-05-11[Interpretation] EU ETSI official website public Wi-Fi 6E st

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