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2023-02-15【Notice】NCC certification antenna data request update!
2023-02-06[Reminder] New requirements for exporting to the US market
2023-01-18To be concerned, it’s time to provide 3GPP TS 34.229-5 te
2023-01-13ANATEL published new electrical safety standard Act 17087
2022-11-172 years! UKCA mark mandatory date extended again
2022-11-08【ISED Certification】New requirements for Family Certifi
2022-10-28ANATEL published the guidelines for RF module or Host produ
2022-10-18NEW cellular equipment standard IFT-011-2022 published by I
2022-09-30Chile SUBTEL changes the authorized bands of WIFI 6
2022-09-28Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs are included in Chi


2022-09-13BTL is recognized by Qualcomm Smart Transmit test
2022-09-07[Interpretation] Japan opens Wi-Fi 6E certification
2022-08-05[Interpretation] New Zealand opens Wi-Fi 6E band
2022-08-02BTL completed E112 test capacity building
2022-05-16[Interpretation] Canadian Wi-Fi 6E standard RSS-248 update
2022-05-11[Interpretation] EU ETSI official website public Wi-Fi 6E st
2022-04-28Australian Wi-Fi 6E band Update
2022-03-24EN 61000-3-3 Voltage flicker test standard updated
2022-03-14Interpretation of FCC Wi-Fi new band 5.9GHz (UNII-4) regulat
2022-03-07Interpretation of FCC KDB 680106 wireless charging (WPT) upd

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