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Smart and better life -- BTL cooperated with China home research institute to establish the

On November 22, the 13th China (hefei) international home appliances and consumer electronics expo officially opened.Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and anhui provincial people's government, the exhibition, with the theme of "wisdom leads the future and shows a better life", covers an area of about 50,000 square meters.At the same time, the first world display industry conference will be held at the same time.


On the first day of the expo, held its 2019 international Chinese intelligence lives in peak BBS, the BBS gathered a number of experts, industry higher-ups, intelligent household standards issued, the intelligent household frontier technology research share, intelligent household enterprise practice experience sharing, product intelligence certificate issuing as the main part, aimed at from two big dimensions of the supply and demand of intelligent household industry future development direction, gathering strength in progress to the industry.On BBS, huawei, baidu, haier and other top enterprises Shared the opportunities and problems to be solved in the development of smart home.



Before the BBS, the Chinese household electric appliance research institute (hereinafter referred to as: the courtyard) joint including BTL test group and the appropriate IST test and so on for many years research experience in smart home business seminars, household appliances industry, widely participate in IOT industry enterprises, for the standard formulation of prophase research and a large number of verification test.BTL test and iST test will also continue to conduct in-depth research on interconnection test and certification technology. In the future, wireless connection performance will be included in the intelligent certification system, leading product development and quality improvement, and ensuring user experience.



Following the September 2019, BTL south China lab and east China laboratory testing group respectively for Chinese household electric appliance research institute "the Chinese are not smart household appliances product inspection center (a large bay area) of guangdong" and "the Chinese are not smart household appliances product inspection center (Yangtze river)" opening, after the joint intelligence product certification testing services, on the BBS, greater cooperation in the courtyard and BTL testing group, was formally established the "intelligent household connection performance laboratory", and has carried on the opening ceremony at the scene of the BBS.


The establishment of the cooperative laboratory marks that BTL has entered the first echelon of the industry in the testing capability of smart home connectivity.


Later, BTL will continue to make contributions to the development of smart home industry with professional technology, objective stance and considerate service.


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