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Adding 10A current rating into IS 1293:2019 is under discussing by BIS

IS 1293: 2019 for Plugs and Socket-outlets for Household and Similar Purposes of Rated Voltage up to and Including 250 V and Rated Current up to and Including 16 A was published in 2019. According to previous notices, both 2005 and 2019 versions of IS 1293 are valid at present. They will remain valid till 23rd October 2021 after which 2005 version will be withdrawn and 2019 version shall remain in force.


In view of the concerns raised by the Industry with respect to the coverage of products under the Standard and the QCO, a meeting was held with all stakeholders including Industry Associations. Based on the outcome of the meeting and feedback from the industry, and adding 10A current rating into Amendment 2 to IS 1293: 2019 is under discussing, and it may take 8-10 months to get printed. Manufacture can get 10A of Plug or Socket-outlet granted as per 2019 in the near future.

The following Table gives a list of Plugs and socket-outlets of different ratings and configurations that are covered in IS 1293: 2005 and IS 1293: 2019 versions and the varieties that are under discussion to be included in the Standard.


Bellowed table gives a list of different varieties with clarification on their coverage under the scope of IS 1293.


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