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Mexico IFETEL published the updates of the PEC

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones of Mexico (IFETEL) published the updates of the PEC (Procedimiento de evaluación de la conformidad en materia de telecomunicaciones y radiodifusión) on December 27, 2021. These updates will take effect 180 days after the publication of this document, on June 25, 2022. They are focused on the below details:

1. Modify the non-transferability of Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Local importers or distributors will be allowed to use the CoC issued to another local company, such as the manufacturer’s local office.

2. Modify the validity period of the test report. The validity of test report will be extended from 60 days to 120 days. Moreover, test report will not be mandatory submitted to IFETEL due to confidentiality reason in the industry. But it should be shared with IFETEL if required.

3. Modify the extension of CoC under Scheme II (Monitoring of samples by product model for more than one batch). Once the total amount of units declared in the CoC under Scheme II is imported, It does not need to submit the new test report. Its extension can be completed by the required documentation only.

4. Modify the sample number of testing for each certification schemes. Only one sample will be required for testing under Scheme I, Scheme II and Scheme IV, except for the testing when its applicable technical provision specifically requires more than one sample. For the family approval under Scheme III, it also requires only one sample of two different models representative of the family for the testing.

5. Modify the range of PEC application, and the non-new products will be included. Beside the new products, the PEC regulations will also apply to the non-new products, such as the used products, second-hand products, rebuilt products and similar products.

The actual certification process is still being confirmed with Mexico Certificate Body and Laboratories.

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