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Complaints process


●BTL complaint feedback process:

1. Customer or certification body complaints about complaint channels and handling:

 Customers or other organizations need to complain, can be oral, telephone or mail.。After receiving the complaint, the quality assurance department will confirm the cause of the complaint and determine whether the content of the complaint is reasonable. If it is not reasonable, the case shall be explained in writing (such as email or fax) and telephone return visit, and then the case shall be closed directly;If the content of the complaint is determined to be reasonable and actually caused by the laboratory, and is related to the activities of the laboratory, it shall be transferred to the laboratory for internal treatment with

2. Customer/organization complaint handling and tracking:

 2.1. When the laboratory determines that the complaint is reasonable, the quality assurance department will issue the complaint handling form, and after the judgment of the responsible unit, it will be transferred to the responsible unit for handling.

 2.2. If the handling time of the complaint event is more than one month, the supervisor of the responsible unit will explain to you in advance.

 2.3. The quality assurance unit will explain the improvement measures and correction methods to you in written documents within 15 working days at the latest after the complaints that have been reviewed and concluded by the person in charge of the laboratory. If you have no objection to the improvement measures and correction methods, the case can be officially concluded; otherwise, the correction process needs to be re-implemented.

 3. Refer to attachment 1 for the complaint handling process:《Flow chart of complaint handling》


4. Contact information for complaints:


  +886-2-2641-8198 Ext.300  (Taipei)

  + 86-769-83183000 Ext 526  (Dongguan)

  + 86-021-61765666 Ext 103  (Shanghai)

    Complaint email:



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