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EN 301 908-13 V13.1.1 (2019-11) is Citation in the OJ ?

Since the release of EN 301 908-13 V13.1.1 in 209/11, there are still two items in the current ETSI work item schedule that are yet to be completed, which are respectively delivered to the European Community and the time quoted by the OJ to be determined. Refer to the website




We Shared the changes of draft version of EN 301 908-13 in the early stage. Although the progress of V13.1.1 has not been completed by OJ, our mobile communication department shares the differences between the two versions of V11.1.2 & V13.1.1 on E-UTRA in the spirit of diligent and inquisitive study


Single Carrier

1. added B31(452.5~457.5MHz), B65(1920-2010MHz), B68(698-728MHz)  for all TX Characteristics test items.


2. Changed B28 from UL: 703~748 MHz to UL: 703~736 MHz


3. added/Changed Spurious emission Co-existence DL band ,for example B1,B3



Carrier Aggregation (CA)

1. added intra-band contiguous CA_8B for all test items.


2. added Inter-band CA bands (two bands)

CA_1-46 , CA_3-46 ,CA_7-46 ,CA_42-46 ,CA_20-67 for Receiver test items.


3. added uplink inter-band CA (two bands) for all TX Characteristics test items.

CA_1A-3A , CA_1A-5A , CA_1A-7A , CA_1A-8A , CA_1A-28A , CA_1A-42A ,

CA_3A-5A , CA_3A-7A , CA_3A-8A , CA_3A-20A ,

CA_7A-20A , CA_7A-28A


4. Spectrum emission mask 

  4.1 added RB allocation (50RB+75RB ) 

  4.2 Changed and detailed ΔfOOB range , added test limit


Receiver Characteristics

1. Receiver Blocking Characteristics

   1.1 Added Carrier Aggregation in DL-only bands added B46 (DL) 

   1.2 Added Out-of-band blocking for inter-band carrier aggregation with band 46

        CA_1A-46A, CA_2A-46A, CA_3A-46A, CA_4A-46A,

        CA_7A-46A, CA_41A-46A, CA_42A-46A


2. Receiver Intermodulation & Receiver Spurious Emissions in DL-only bands

    Added Carrier Aggregation in DL-only bands added B46 (DL)


3. Receiver Reference Sensitivity Level

    3.1 Added Single Carrier b31 & b65

    3.2 Added Inter-band Carrier Aggregation in DL-only bands



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