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ETSI EN 301 908-1 V15.1.1(2021-09) Standard analysis

In this issue, we specifically introduce the new updates of EN 301 908-1 V15.1.1 (2021-09) for User Equipment (UE) end products.

1. New added radiated spurious frequency band test range: 

The new added two radiated spurious emission, where applies for Band that the upper frequency edge of the Uplink band more than 2.69 GHz, test frequency is five times of its operating frequency and applies for Band that the upper frequency edge of the Uplink band more than 5.2 GHz, test frequency is up to 26 GHz.

The applicable frequency range of NR operating in FR1 falls in: fc - (1.5 x BWChannel + 5) MHz < f < fc + (1.5 x BWChannel + 5) MHz.


2. Explain the radiated spurious test configuration: 

The new edition states that when the same Tx/Rx antenna is used for all supported radio technologies (i.e., WCDMA, E-UTRA, and NR FR1), regardless of the radio technology, the UE can only test for the test configuration corresponding to the maximum output power of the UE. The manufacturer should then declare whether the device uses the same set of Tx/Rx antennas for all supported radio technologies.


The above are the most highlight for reformation evolved significantly affect the radiation spurious test descriptions. ETSI officially adopt into the CE standard, without a doubt, not only embodies the IMT cellular communication performance test in the most intuitive way, but also enhances the intensity of the cellular communication radiation performance test.

3. Adds FR2 millimeter wave frequency band test description: 

Adds FR2 radiation spurious control and monitoring test methods and limits.


4. Revise related LTE/FR1/FR2 frequency band table: 

Pay special attention to the remarks of the following frequency bands, such as the scope of application of B41/N41/N77/N78/N257/N258.



The above is a brief summary of the new edition of the standard updates.


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