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EN IEC 62368-1:2020 DOW has been extended to 2025-12-07 again

Recently, the DOW (Date Of Withdraw) for EN IEC 62368-1:2020 has been extended from 2024-07-06 to 2025-12-07.

Given that the current official announcement of the LVD directive (EUOJ) only has a 2nd edition of the harmonized standard EN62368-1, if the original revocation date (DOW) of EN IEC 62368-1:2020 (3rd edition) (corresponding to IEC 62368-1 3rd edition) is set to 2024-07-06, there will be some confusion and misunderstanding (no applicable safety standards) after this DOW. Therefore, at the last plenary session of CLC/TC 108X in 2023, a request was made to extend the 3rd edition of the DOW for an additional 18 months. Recently, the European Union's CEN-CENELEC Technical Board (BT) approved CLC/TC 108X's proposal to extend the DOW date for EN IEC 62368-1:2020 from 2024-07-06 to 2025-12-07.

Before this date, it is still possible to apply for certificate/DOC using EN 62368-1:2014 (2nd edition), and remain valid until expiration date of 2025-12-07.

In addition, there are currently no update plans in North America, and the effective date of UL 62368-1:2019 (Ed.3) is still 2024-07-06.

We have been closely following the latest development trends of the 62368-1 standards, following us, providing you with timely information, and providing one-stop services for enterprises in the transition phase between new and old standards.


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