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Alliance Certification BQB Brief

Bluetooth Certification QPRDv3 Qualification Scheme reference document PRDv3 will come into effect on July 1, 2024, what are the specific changes? Please prepare a small bench!

1.  What do you need to know when completing the qualification process after QPRDv3?

1. All products using Bluetooth technology must complete the Bluetooth certification process

2. Become a Bluetooth SIG member (if you are not already a member)

3. Complete the Bluetooth qualification authentication process in the qualification workspace

4. Your customers must know the correct design number (for products that comply with QPRDv3) or the qualified Design ID (for products that comply with PRD 2.3 or earlier) of their products

5. Follow the Bluetooth brand guide to brand your product

2.  You have until June 28 to process your project draft:

(1) Submit your current draft eligibility review:

1. Log in to the Launch Studio

2. Click the Draft Items TAB in the top navigation bar

3. Click the project name

4. Complete the Bluetooth authentication process described in PRD 2.3

(2) If you do not expect to complete the qualification process before QPRDv3 takes effect:

1. Log in to the Launch Studio

2. Click the "Draft Project" TAB in the top navigation bar - select your draft project

3. Record and save QDID and product details of any references used in the project

4. If your project uses the Qualification Process with Required Tests path in Launch Studio, click the Project Actions button and select Export ICS to export the ICS form

5. Store all information in your own records

6. Delete any draft items that are no longer needed

(3) If you have a draft, it is no longer necessary to:

1. Log in to the Launch Studio

2. Click the Draft Items TAB in the top navigation bar

3. Click Project Operations on the right.

4. Click Delete Item

5. In the dialog box that is displayed, click Delete Items to confirm the deletion

6. Please note that any projects started but not completed before the new QPRD takes effect will be deleted. Removing drafts when QPRDv3 takes effect eliminates the risk of accidentally handling invalid old projects (this administrative cleanup reduces the risk and helps the Bluetooth SIG protect interoperability).

3.  According to the new policy, how will I make my products eligible?

Members will complete the following steps to authenticate their products


4.  Is the previous certification affected?

When the QPRD takes effect on July 1, products that previously completed the Bluetooth certification process correctly will not be affected and will still show up in the Qualified Products database.

BTL technical team has read the alliance requirements, dedicated to serve you, for the product escort!


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