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[Announcement] GCF announces certification for 450 MHz bands


On June 6, 2024, the GCF (Global Certification Forum) announced that it is adding devices using the 450 MHz band (currently corresponding to the LTE bands B31 and B72) to the GCF's certification program.

Manufacturers will be able to GCF certify LTE devices that use the spectrum range within 450 MHz, especially those related to industrial, utility, and critical communications equipment and applications.

“We are delighted that the work of our members and partners has resulted in this new certification, which is effective for the first time in the industry and facilitates the evolution of the 450 MHz device and services ecosystems.” said Lars Nielsen, CEO of GCF. ”

After years of collaboration between GCF and 450MHz Alliance, cellular bands in this spectrum range are becoming the preferred choice for many industrial, mission-critical and IoT applications around the world, including smart meters and smart grids.

Features of the 450 MHz frequency:

1. Provides excellent coverage for applications that require low data bandwidth, including industrial, mission-critical services (MCS), and utilities.

2. The long-distance transmission capability of the 450 MHz frequency is unmatched by the higher frequency cellular bands.

3. LTE devices using this frequency band have the ability to transmit and receive signals with high penetration through walls and high penetration into buildings, thus improving signal coverage in indoor and underground scenarios.

In addition, GCF certification will be extended to other frequency bands and radio access technologies such as LTE Cat-M and 5G NR RedCap on frequencies from 400 to 450 MHz .


The picture comes from the official GCF website

BTL is a GCF accredited laboratory, and its testing capabilities have included 450 MHz frequency, which can provide GCF testing and certification services for related mobile cellular products.


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