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Good News! BTL OTA obtains CTIA 3.8.2 qualification approval

Based on the CTIA qualification of the original ETS 8500 single-antenna OTA in 2010, BTL added the CTIA approval of the ETS 8923 multi-antenna OTA test system.



Today CTIA officially incorporates BTL into the lab list,BTL lab code:20100128-01


You can search on the http://www.ctia.org/certification


The existing test capability of the test plan 3.8.2 has been obtained, and subsequent BTL will continue to increase CTIA related qualifications such as MIMO OTA, CWG (WiFi OTA) ...

After completing the OTA test, if the product has a SAR test that needs to be considered simultaneously, the BTL also has a cSAR 3D fast SAR system. After you complete the test, you can arrange it directly in the cSAR test to ensure that the antenna performance of the product meets the requirements It can also ensure that the SAR will not fail, and there is no need to wait 30 minutes to obtain the SAR test results after the OTA measurement is completed, saving test time and speeding up efficiency.



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