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Location:Home - Join us - To facilitate the development of 5G, BTL completed the deployment of 5G testing capacity across the straits
To facilitate the development of 5G, BTL completed the deployment of 5G testing capacity across the straits

With the epidemic raging in 2020, the Internet industry has ushered in a second wind outlet, and the launch and development of 5G technology has increased the power of this wind outlet exponentially. How to seize this wind outlet to become the next industry unicorn, technological innovation and product development speed will be the key.


As the pioneer of the testing laboratory for more efficient customer service, the BTL this month has been completed to Taiwan lab 5 g testing capacity deployment and related testing capacity upgrade, combined with the April 2019 test equipment are put up to 4 sets of 5 g, BTL group has built several mainstream 5 g test platform, for global customers to provide quality 5 g multiple brand chip and module and terminal test certification services.


Currently, BTL owns MT8000A;KEYSIGHT E7515B, Starpoint SP9500 and other well-known equipment manufacturers of the most advanced test system, choose BTL, is to choose efficient!We serve you with the best technical ability!



MT8000A is an integrated testing platform for rf, protocol, beam testing and beam forming evaluation.In addition to supporting the SA and NSA mode base station capabilities needed to simulate the development of 5G chipsets and terminals, it also supports the latest technologies, such as 2CC+4x4 MIMO for increasing data transmission speeds in the sub-6ghz frequency band and 8CC+2x2MIMO for broadband millimeter wave.In addition, it also supports key frequency bands used in the first commercial deployment of 5G, such as 600MHz, 2.5ghz, 3.5ghz and 4.5ghz sub-6ghz frequency bands (FR1) and 28GHz and 39GHz millimeter-wave frequency bands (FR2).



KEYSIGHT 5G network simulation solution is based on the E7515B UXM 5G wireless test platform, which is a highly integrated signaling test platform that supports stacks in a variety of formats and provides powerful processing power and rich rf resources.UXM 5 g support for the latest 3 GPP 15th edition and higher, the user can be deployed in different 5 g NR mode (not independent networking (NSA) and network (SA))) and under different frequencies (FR1 and FR2) and equipment under test (DUT) establish 5 g calls, and can according to the properties of the radio frequency devices, protocol consistency and the function of the key performance indicators (kpis) signaling test execution.It also supports LTE and c-v2x signaling formats.

Starpoint SP9500

Startpoint SP9500.jpg

The Starpoint SP9500 5 g test system can be based on a single set of hardware support chips and terminal equipment to complete to meet the requirements of 3 GPP standard protocol conformance testing, rf conformance test, RRM consistency test and network access license test in mainland China, also can be extended to support China's radio terminal device model approval and FCC/CE international certification test requirements, at the same time can build power, the application layer, business test and test verification environment, is to meet a variety of types of test requirements one-stop solution.SP9500 5G test system can be widely used in all aspects of the 5G terminal industry chain, and its application scenarios include operator warehousing test, terminal network access license test, terminal model approval test, chip/terminal r&d, regression test, production line sampling inspection, international certification, quality supervision and inspection, etc.


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