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Recruitment information for BTL East China


Welfare Treatment >>>>>>

1. Standard working system of 5 days and 8 hours (overtime is calculated for the excess part), and enjoy corresponding legal holidays and five social insurance and one housing fund purchase according to national regulations.

2. Technical personnel can enjoy the opportunity of salary adjustment for regular training and assessment twice a year;

3. Different monthly bonuses are available according to the performance of the company and the department.

4. The company provides free weekday lunch, afternoon tea and welfare dormitory (part of the expenses shall be borne by individuals);

5. Enjoy 5 days of paid annual leave after working continuously for 1 year. Every year you increase your seniority by 1 year, and you can take up to 15 days of annual leave.

6. Beautiful office environment, comprehensive coverage of WIFI, the company set up a welfare committee, irregularly held birthday party, department dinner, sports meeting, travel, year-end lottery and other activities.


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