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Recruitment information for BTL Taiwan


Welfare Treatment >>>>>>

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Leisure activities

1. Irregular departmental gatherings or group activities

2. Regular travel for domestic and foreign staff

3. Employee welfare Committee

4. Company sports day

5. Employee health check

6. Staff coffee machine/beverage vending machine


Bonus/gift category

1. Year-end bonus/employee bonus/performance bonus (depending on the operating status of the company)

2. Three bonus sections

3. Internal promotion assessment system


The company system

1. Staff Uniform Day

2. On-the-job education and training for employees

3. Professional training skills plan and professional management training courses

4. The career plan of each new partner will be discussed and developed by the supervisor

5. Having a competitive salary system


Employees insurance

1. The labor insurance

2. Health care

3. Group insurance for employees

4. Pension allocations



1. Parking Spaces for employees' motorcycles

2. Business units are allocated business jets

3. The nursery room


The holiday system

1. Saturdays off

2. Special/annual leave

3. Maternity/paternity leave/male maternity leave

4. Marriage/family leave

5. Female physical leave

6. False aboriginal rituals



1. Wedding, funeral and festive subsidy

2. Maternity gift money

3. Hospitalization

4. Good shift allowance

5. Business aircraft telephone fees subsidy

6. Oil subsidy for business units

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