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BTL testing was officially listed as guangdong Communication Terminal Product Testing Engineering Technology Research Center
The Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province is established and accredited by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province to promote the establishment of r&d institutions for enterprises above designated size in Guangdong Province, enhance the technological innovation ability of universities and research institutes, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and provide support for the construction of national innovation center of science and technology industry.

Engineering center, the formation of the main around guangdong province to carry out the strategy of innovation driven development request, depending on the size of the industry in the province, has the strength of science and technology in the field of innovative companies, and in order to further promote enterprise as the main body, the combination of production, technology innovation system construction, and cooperating with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions joint by the enterprise engineering center will give priority for support.

After strict procedures of expert review and publicity, guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology identified and approved the Guangdong Communication Terminal Product Testing Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "Engineering Center") declared by BTL Dongguan in 2021, and formally awarded the license.

Since the establishment of BTL Communication terminal Product testing Engineering Technology Research Center in 2017, combined with the accumulation of 2G/3G/4G terminal product testing technology before the establishment of the engineering center, the company has increased capital investment after the establishment of the engineering center, introduced domestic/foreign advanced 5G testing instruments and technical experts in the industry. 5G terminal product testing laboratories have been established in Dalang and Songshan Lake Science Park, Dongguan respectively, with more than 100 professional and technical personnel, including 39 full-time r&d personnel, 95% of whom have intermediate titles or bachelor's degrees. 5G testing services have been provided to the outside world since the first quarter of 2019. To become the earliest 5G terminal product testing laboratory in China.

Engineering center since it was founded in 5 g communications terminal product testing research, with 5 g terminal products manufacturers, equipment suppliers, at home and abroad standards association maintains close relations of cooperation, in addition to the introduction of advanced instrumentation in recent years, research center, give full play to the technology research and development ability, develop the 5 g rf test automation systems, master the technology of autonomous ability, The detection efficiency is greatly improved and the benefit is doubled.

In the future, the engineering Center will continue to adhere to the road of independent and imported technology development, actively cooperate with scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, give full play to The advantages of China's leading ict in the world, and actively explore new modes of industry-university-research cooperation. BTL will maintain the advantages of export testing and certification services for domestic terminal products, and will increase cooperation with communication operators. In addition to continuous investment in 5G, BTL will increase investment in narrowband Internet of Things to provide strong support for the Internet of everything and the construction of social infrastructure.


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