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Voltage: 110/220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Korean

1、Pre-test in BTL Lab before expressing the samples;
2、Pre-testing in our lab is exactly the same as testing in Korea to ensure the smooth passage of tests in South Korea;
3、Reduce the deadline and costs;
4、Provides eye-testing for large items, eliminating the hassle of shipping samples;

Korea approval Q&A


Q:What information do I need to prepare for the first application for Korean certification?

A:The first time you apply for a Korean certification, you need to apply for a 3-digit company code from RRA Korea to be certified.


Q:Who is the certificate holder of Korea?

A:KC must be certified by the factory, the MSIP applicant can hold the certificate, and the energy efficiency requires the actual importer/dealer of Korea to hold the certificate.


Q:Can the product be applied for a series of models?

A:Can apply for series, if it involves circuit changes or component changes, you need to re-test to series.


Q:Can I not put labels on the product?

A:If the product is less than 400mm2, the product can be placed on the KC logo. The label can be placed on the manual and the outer packaging; the product is large enough, and the label must be placed on the product, manual and outer packaging as required.


Q:Can E-standby and MEPS be derived models?

A:No, one model is a certificate.


A:What international regulations can be used in Korean regulations?

Q:KC is consistent with IEC. EMC of MSIP can refer to CISPR/EN standard. RF is its own regulation. There is no international regulation. E-standby and MEPS are also self-regulation.


Q:Does South Korea accept module certification?

A:accept. The wireless module of the whole machine has been independently certified by the Korean MSIP. When the whole machine is applied for Korean certification, it is not necessary to consider the RF part. It only needs to test the EMC / RF-EMC part.


Q:What if the product is equipped with an adapter or a battery?

A:Adapters and batteries need to apply for Korean certification separately. Otherwise, customs clearance may encounter problems, and market sampling will not pass.


Q:What language can I use in the manual?

A:Only need to test EMC, you can accept English manual; with RF function / apply KC, you must provide Korean manual.


Q:Can I not send samples?

A:Korean regulations require local testing, special circumstances and special communication.


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