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Argentina Updates Labeling Requirements

Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (henceforth referred to as ENACOM) of Argentina has published the Resolution No. RESOL-2020-854-APN-ENACOM#JGM on August 6, 2020. According to this Resolution, new labeling requirements for telecommunication approvals in this country become effective.

Because the entity name has changed several times (First CNC, then AFTIC and now ENACOM) they wanted to implement a labeling system that remains in time no matter the entity name is changed because of national politics.

Let’s look into the key points of the Resolution:

1.There is a two-year transition period for implementation of new labeling requirements. The period starts from the date of the Resolution publication. From now, the RAMATEL logo must be used instead of CNC one. For the already approved devices that now bear CNC logo, these requirements must be implemented by August 2022.

2. Identification label with the following information must be affixed on the approved telecommunication equipment:

-Standardized RAMATEL isotype and Registration number granted by ENACOM for RAMATEL

ramatel ç__logo 1.png

3. Now it is allowed to include the label on vehicle user manual or on-board documentation. Only in cases the equipment is not visible in the vehicle.

4.E-labeling can be used. In this case, the label must be displayed on the device's own screen. Information on the e-label should be included in the user manual and instructions on how to get the access to the information on the e-label must be attached.

The sharing of the new logo in Argentina is convenient for you to understand and make relevant preparation in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult IA Department of BTL, thank you.


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