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Household appliances EMS standard update, what changes?

Attention, CENELEC released EN IEC 55014-2:21 in this year.

The dop & dow times are as follows:


It replaces EN 55014-2:2015 as the new EMS test standard for small household appliances.

This standard has not yet been published in OJ, The manufacturers can choose according to their needs.


The main technical differences between this standard and the previous edition are as follows:

a)  Extension of the frequency range for radiated immunity above 1GHz. (Category V devices must be measured to 6GHz)


b)  An advanced categorization of equipment.

Mains operated equipment is divided into two new appliance categorie IV & V by the highest clock frequency.

Category IV:15MHz<clock<200MHz

Category V:clock>200MHz


c)  Clarification of requirements applicable to equipment incorporating radio functions


d)  Addition of requirements for wired network ports.

BTL has now imported this new version of the standard, welcome  to consult, cooperation.


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