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Voltage: 110/220V
Frequency: 60Hz
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1、Pre-test in BTL Lab before expressing the samples;
2、Pre-testing in our lab is exactly the same as testing in Korea to ensure the smooth passage of tests in South Korea;
3、Reduce the deadline and costs;
4、Provides eye-testing for large items, eliminating the hassle of shipping samples;

Shocked, Korean EMC no longer mandates 10M testing?!

RRA of Korea Radio Research Institute issued an official announcement(국립전파연구원장 고시 제2022-12호).From January 1, 2023, the Korean EMC test can accept the 3M darkroom test, and the 10M darkroom test is no longer mandatory. The applicable product objects are small equipment with a circular volume range of 1.2m(W) X 1.5m(H)

Products tested in a 10M darkroom before January 1, 2023, which need to be reported or updated after the implementation of the new regulations, can choose a 10M darkroom or a 3M darkroom for testing.

The new regulations apply to the test scope as follows:

①     Industrial・Scientific・Medical equipment (KS C 9811)


②     lighting equipment (KS C 9815)


③     multi-media equipment (KS C 9832)


④     wireless equipment (KS X 3124)


⑤     General environment for residence, business, light industry (KS C 9610-6-3)


⑥     General environment of industry (KS C 9610-6-4)


⑦     Household equipment (KS C 9814-1)

Only the 3M darkroom test can be accepted within the above regulations, and the 10M darkroom test is still required outside the scope.


BTL has rich experience in Korea certification. Our laboratory has 3M and 10M darkroom test sites, which can pre-scan samples sent to Korea and provide customers with one-stop service for pre-scanning and certification. Manufacturers are welcome to contact the BTL team.


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