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Voltage: 127/220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Spanish, English

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NEW cellular equipment standard IFT-011-2022 published by IFETEL

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunictechnical standard aciones of Mexico (IFETEL) approved the IFT-011-2022 technical standard part 3 on Sep 13th, 2022. It required the devices like cellular equipment and smartphones to be established the specifications, which can receive and handle the warning messages through the cellular broadcasting service (CBS) in case of danger or emergency situations. The smart watches used a CBS-compatible SIM or eSIM will be exempt from compliance with the IFT-011-2022 technical standard.


The IFT-011-2022 technical standard will take effect 180 days after the publication of this document, on Mar 12th, 2023. All the cellular equipment and smartphones of making use of the Radio spectrum or be connected to telecommunications networks must have CBS enabled and active from their manufacture after that time.


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