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Voltage: 127 / 220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Portuguese

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ANATEL published new electrical safety standard Act 17087

ANATEL published the new electrical safety standard Act 17087 on Dec 27, 2022. It will replace the existing electrical safety standard Act 950, and take effect on Dec 7, 2023.


The Act 17087 established the requirements of acoustic shock protection, fire hazard protection, protection against electric shock under normal conditions, protection against electric shock in overvoltage condition on the external telecommunications port, protection against electric shock in overvoltage condition on electric power door and overheating protection.

 Its standards are almost same as the Act 950’s, and the main changes are:

● Adopted some new definitions, like end user, the environment of the end user, consumer of telecommunication service (General Public), basic insulation, dual insulation, enhanced insulation, supplementary insulation, etc.

● Clarified the scope of provisions are applied to the equipment are intended for installation and use in the environment of the end user and consumer telecommunications service (Public in General) and to those equipment whose specific requirements published by ANATEL indicate its application.

● Reduced the peak voltage of acoustic shock protection from 1.5kV to 1.0kV in the simulation of transient electromagnetic disturbances.

● For equipment directly connected to the electricity grid, markings are required on the equipment of the nominal values of voltage, current and/or power and frequency.

● Other relevant information related to user safety, operating instructions and warnings of attention, should be provided in the manual of the equipment and must be in the Portuguese language of Brazilian expression.

● Required the Class I equipment must provide written information with the specified statement.

The Act 17087 is beneficial to the purposes of Conformity Assessment and Homologation with the National Telecommunications Agency - ANATEL. 

Below is the official link for your reference:https://sei.anatel.gov.br


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