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The BIS will enforce the compliance of televisions with IS 18112:2022 in India

On April 26, 2023, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) in India issued a notification stating that televisions will be required to comply with the IS 18112:2022 standard (Digital Television Receiver for Satellite Broadcast Transmission — Specification). This standard will come into effect two years after the date of the notification.

The purpose of this standard is to address the issue of Indian viewers needing to purchase set-top boxes even for free-to-air television and radio channels. Once the IS 18112-compliant televisions are available, viewers will only need to connect their satellite dish to the Low-Noise Block (LNB) mounted on the building’s rooftop/side wall to watch television.

IS 18112 sets forth the following requirements for televisions:

1. Support DVB-S & S2 reception for Free-To-Air services.

2. The manufacturer shall ensure

3. The manufacturer shall ensure compatibility and interfacing with Consumer Electronic equipment such as Audio and Video systems in the country.

4. Performance Requirement

5. Safety Requirement (IS 616)

6. EMC (IS/CISPR 32)

Manufacturers should take note that, currently, BIS only requires televisions to comply with safety standards (IS 616/IEC 60065). However, for televisions to be exported to India in the future, it is necessary to confirm that they should also meet the requirements of prescribed functional, performance, EMI, etc.

Label requirement:

a) Manufacturer's name or trade mark (if any);

b) Model designation and Serial Number,

c) Country of manufacture:

d) Input supply voltage and frequency (If an external power adapter is provided, DC input voltage, polarity and wattage shall be marked on the TV and AC input voltage, frequency and wattage shall be marked on the power adapter); Input Terminals as applicable; 

e) Power consumption;

f) Input Terminals as applicable; 

g) All Connectors.

BIS logo (Standard Mark) may also be required.

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Please refer to the Notification for details:


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