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Voltage: 220-230V
Frequency: 50Hz
Official Language: Hindi, English

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A notification about MTCTE Phase V was launched

A notification about MTCTE Phase V was launched recently, along with the details of implement. Acceptance of applications on MTCTE portal starts from 01.07.2023 and certification becomes Mandatory since 01.07.2024. As on the date of submission of test reports, the validity of test reports/results issued by foreign labs accredited by ILAC signatories from non-border sharing countries for technical parameters only shall be up to two years for the said products listed below.

Product Name

Product Variant Name

ILAC report acceptance

Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G 

1. BTS with Multi Standard Radio


2. Active Antenna System-OTA

3. Base Station 5G NR Type 1C

4. Base Station 5G NR Type 1H

5. Base Station 5G NR Type 1O

6. Base Station 5G NR Type 2O

7. Hybrid Active Antenna System

5G Core

1. AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function) 


2. AuSF (Authentication Server Function)

3. BSF (Binding Support Function) 

4. CHF (Charging Function)

5. NEF (Network Exposure Function) 

6. NSSF (Network Slice Selection Function)

7. PCF (Policy Control Function)

8. SMF (Session Management Function) 

9. SMSF (Subscriber Data Management Function) 

10. UDM (Unified Data Management)

11. UDR (Unified Data Repository)

12. UPF (User Plane Function)




E-band Fixed Radio Relay Systems

1. E-Band MW Full Outdoor System


2. E-Band MW Outdoor System plus Indoor System

Converged Multiservice Application Access   Equipment



 IP Terminal

SIP Terminal


Hybrid Set Top Box

Hybrid Set Top Box


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