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FCC LOGO requires Q&A time

In the past two months, after consulting BTL's article on the FCC logo released in January 2022, many customers have inquired about any new changes to the FCC logo. BTL has also quickly confirmed with the FCC official and TCB regarding various inquiries. The relevant main questions are summarized and explained below.

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Q1: Are there any new changes to the FCC logo at present?

Ans: Currently, there are no new requirements for changes to the FCC logo, as explained on the FCC official website. There are two types of logos, as shown in the following figure:1. https://www.fcc.gov/Logos The webpage provides three different colors of FCC logos (F for sharp corners).


2. Chapter 2.5 FCC Logo of KDB 784748 D01


Q2: Which FCC logo should be used on the product device?

Ans: All SDoC tested products should use the FCC logo (black right angle) specified in KDB 784748 section 2.5, which is the second type, as shown in the following figure:


Q3: Where is the sharp angle FCC logo used?

Ans: After confirmation with TCB, the sharp angle logo is exclusively used by the FCC, and all official documents released by the FCC will have FCC badges or logos.

Q4: What is the impact of using FCC logos with sharp corners on existing product equipment?

Ans: The official response from the FCC is that the label on the product should use the black right angle logo specified in KDB 784748. Products that have already been shipped use sharp angle FCC logos without any risk. However, it is recommended that the customer correct the FCC logo on subsequent product labels.

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