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Voltage: 127/220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Spanish, English

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Mexico IFETEL updates IFT-011-2022 Part 3

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL) of Mexico updates Technical Provision IFT-011-2022: Technical Specifications of Mobile Terminal Equipment (hereinafter, "ETM") that may make use of the radio spectrum or be connected to telecommunications networks . Part 3. Cellular Broadcasting Service for notification of Risk or Emergency situations.


The main modifications are including:

1. Modify 4.2 Channels for receiving Alert Messages on the Mobile Terminal Equipment. Channels 4380 (primary configuration) and 519 (secondary configuration) must be enabled and activated through MMI codes, which will be provided by the ETM manufacturers, or where applicable, through a button in the ETM configuration.

2. Update 5.4 Test method to verify the channels for the reception of Alert Messages on the Mobile Terminal Equipment. It both mentions the n the event that the EBP allows and does not allow the enablement of testing channels in Spanish through MMI codes.

3. Change 5.5 Test Method to Verify the Display Format of Alert Messages on Mobile Terminal Equipment. Removes either using the clipboard function, using screenshots, or screen recording, the requirement of copying the content of the message,  


Previously, IFETEL approved the IFT-011-2022 technical standard part 3 on Sep 13th, 2022. It required the devices like cellular equipment and smartphones to be established the specifications, which can receive and handle the warning messages through the cellular broadcasting service (CBS) in case of danger or emergency situations. The smart watches used a CBS-compatible SIM or eSIM will be exempt from compliance with the IFT-011-2022 technical standard. However,there are ETMs with operating systems that do not allow limiting screen capture or recording, so it is not technically possible for these ETMs to comply with the requirements indicated in DT IFT-011-2022. Part 3 concerning screen capture or recording alluded to. These technical findings and circumstances limit compliance with the conformity assessment procedure provided for in the aforementioned DT IFT-011-2022. Part 3. Then IFETEL modifies the standard of IFT-011-2022 Part 3.


The Modifications will enter into force on September 21, 2023. From the entry into force of these amendments and for a period not exceeding one hundred and twenty calendar days after the entry into force of these amendments, the Testing Laboratories and Certification Bodies may continue to issue the Test Reports and Certificates of Conformity in accordance with the "Technical Provision IFT-011-2022.


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