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[Preview] IC ID registration fees will increase again

In October 2023, the workshop proposed an ISED fee forecast, and the Canadian IC ID registration fee will increase again. It is expected to be implemented in April 2024, and is expected to increase by 4.4%. The increase method is as follows: Please pay attention to the official follow-up announcement for specific implementation time and fees.

· New Registration Fee: fee increased from $750 to $783.

· Listing Fee: fee increased from $375 to $391.5.


In addition, ISED equipment registration fees, if the applicant is a local company in Canada, will incur additional taxes. Different provinces/regions have different tax rates. The details are as follows: This tax rate policy has been implemented.


The current ISED fees are as follows:

1. $750: New IC ID (regardless of the number of models, an IC ID only requires a one-time payment of $750)

2. $375: Change application (C1PC, C2PC, C3PC, C4PC, multiple listing)

The product has the following 4 conditions:

 No Radio and no CS-03 (telecom/ Terminal) is needed, then this product does not need to apply for an IC ID, just apply for SDOC, and this fee will not be involved.

 No Radio, but CS-03 (telecom/ Terminal) is needed. To apply for IC ID, you need to pay $750/$375.

 No CS-03 (telecom/ Terminal), but has Radio function. To apply for IC ID, you need to pay $750/$375.

 Radio function and also need to do CS-03 (telecom/ Terminal). To apply for IC ID. Although there are two parts and two certificates are issued, it is still one IC ID, so you only need to pay $750/ $375.

If you want to know more about ISED certification, please feel free to contact the BTL team at any time, and BTL will share the most professional and comprehensive information with you.


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