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[Tip] The FCC Wi-Fi 6E VLP device is here!

Previously, the FCC in the United States only opened standard power devices and low-power indoor devices for the Wi-Fi 6E frequency band, while most countries and regions, such as the European Union, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, only opened low-power indoor devices and very low power (VLP) devices for the Wi-Fi 6E frequency band. In order to broaden the application range of Wi-Fi 6E frequency band, on March 8th this year, the FCC updated Part 15E and added very low power devices that operate in the 5.925-6.425 GHz (UNII-5) and 6.525-6.875 GHz (UNII-7) frequency bands.

Compared to before, the updated FCC Part 15E focuses on the following updates:

> The maximum e.i.r.p. of VLP devices is 14 dBm, and the maximum PSD is -5 dBm/MHz e.i.r.p.;

> VLP devices can operate indoors and outdoors, but fixed outdoor environments, oil platforms, land vehicles, boats, and unmanned aircraft systems are prohibited;

> VLP devices must prioritize operations on frequencies above 6.105 GHz;

> VLP devices shall employ a transmit power control (TPC) mechanism.

To learn more about VLP devices, you can refer to the news released by BTL on October 26, 2023, titled "Looking Forward | What!? FCC Wi-Fi 6E update again?", as the previously published information is consistent with the current update.

Although FCC Part 15E has updated VLP devices, certification testing cannot be conducted yet as KDB has not been updated. After the subsequent KDB update, BTL will share the latest information with everyone.


BTL now has the test energy of FCC Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 2.4G / Wi-Fi 5G / Wi-Fi 6E / Wi-Fi 7), you are welcome to contact the BTL team. BTL will share the most professional and comprehensive information with you.


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