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Saudi Arabia

Voltage: 127/220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Arabic

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Information Sharing on Saudi Arabia's New EMC Regulations

To ensure that electronic and electrical products circulating on the market meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements, Saudi SASO has issued new EMC regulations, which specify the requirement for suppliers to provide EMC technical documents before importing products. The latest regulations list 84 EMC standards and 46 corresponding customs codes for product categories. The products mentioned in the list must be declared in the market by suppliers in accordance with the requirements of this regulation before being exported to Saudi Arabia. Only by completing the required qualification assessment and self- declaration process can we smoothly enter the Saudi market. 

But the new regulations do not include the following products:

A) Radio and Telecommunications Equipment, commonly known by its abbreviation (R&TTE) Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

b) Air navigation and aviation products and spare parts.

C) Communication equipment used by amateurs.

D) medical equipment.

E) Equipment with the following physical characteristics:

    1) Equipment that cannot generate or generate electromagnetic radiation exceeding the allowable level of radio equipment. Telecommunications and other equipment operate as expected.

    2) Equipment that is not affected by electromagnetic interference typically produced during normal use.

F) Electronic boards designed for expert research and R&D purposes.

The details of the 46 controlled products mentioned in the regulations are as follows:



The new regulations will be enforced on November 17, 2024. If there is a need to export the above products to Saudi Arabia, please pay attention to providing EMC related information when applying for SASBER COC, and also declare yourself according to the Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDOC) template to meet the requirements of the new regulations.

The following is a brief introduction to the process of applying for Saudi COC certification, for reference:


BTL can provide you with Saudi CoC certification application services and guidance on the above conformity assessment process. We will continue to bring more information and certification support. If necessary, please contact BTL Business Department or International Department for consultation. Thank you ~


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