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ANATEL of Brazil asks for comments on standards for 6GHz devices

Recently, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) launched a public consultation, No. 29/2024, to amend Article 11.7 of Act 14448 on the assessment of technical requirements for radiation equipment. The main purpose of this revision is to adjust the operating range of the Brazilian WiFi 6 GHz band (involving WiFi 6E and WiFi 7 technologies), reducing it from the original 5925-7125 MHz to 5925-6425 MHz.

The move is to reserve the 6425-7125 MHz band for future International mobile communications (IMT) systems, thereby reducing radio spectrum interference. Public feedback on the proposal will be collected until August 6, 2024. ANATEL will then consider all the comments and make the necessary changes to the relevant provisions, and finally publish the text of the new regulation. Although no exact release date has been set for the new regulations, it will be influenced by the amount of public feedback.

Here are the specific changes proposed by ANATEL to Act No. 14448:

1.   Add two new clauses: and, which stipulate that the default factory Settings of wireless access points must limit the operating frequency of the devices to the range of 5925-6425 MHz. In addition, only if ANATEL changes these technical requirements will it be allowed to make the device work in the 5925-7125 MHz band and make it available to the market through remote firmware updates.

2.   Add item It is also necessary to evaluate the limitations of spurious and out-of-band emission when the operating band of the device is limited to 5925-6425 MHz. The root-mean-square (RMS) value of stray emission and any emission beyond the above frequency bands must be limited to the maximum equivalent omnidirectional radiated power spectral density of -27 dBm/MHz.

3.   Add item 11.7.13. Specifies that wireless access points must have the ability to adjust their operating range limits through remote and automatic firmware updates.Specifically, item requires remote and automatic firmware update capabilities to be enabled by default in order to limit the scope of operation. requires applicants seeking approval to submit a declaration that their access point has the ability to adjust operating range limits through remote and automatic firmware updates.

To sum up, which will need to be adapted to meet new regulatory standards because there are already products using this technology on the market, will likely create new challenges for  manufacturers and businesses operating in Brazil.

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