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Frequency: 60 Hz
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NCC Wi-Fi 6E Product Certification News

The Ministry of Digital Development announced on August 25, 2023 that it will open the 5.945 GHz ~ 6.425 GHz frequency band for use by low-power radio-frequency equipments in accordance with EU standards. This frequency band is used for Wi-Fi 6E/Wi-Fi 7 communication technology (Currently NCC has not yet opened Wi-Fi 7).

Since the revision of the new version of the "Low-power Radio-frequency Devices Technical Regulations (LP0002)" had not yet been completed at that time, NCC responded to the needs of equipment manufacturers and accepted equipment manufacturers, from September 22, 2023,  to submit the EU "ETSI EN 303 687 test report (2023-06 version)" to apply the certificate of Wi-Fi 6E.

The new version of the "Low-power Radio-frequency Devices Technical Regulations (LP0002)" has been revised and completed on February 6, 2023 and announced to take effect immediately. In view of the fact that the testing laboratory and the Telecommunications Equipment Recognized Certification Body (RCB) have not yet obtained relevant qualifications, NCC originally planned to the transition period is set to end on June 30, 2024, but the number of qualified testing laboratories and RCBs has reached the NCC's preset number. Therefore, it was notified on June 5, 2024 that NCC, from now on, only accepts the revised version of the "Low-power Radio-frequency Devices Technical Regulations  (LP0002) dated February 6, 2024" for testing and application for certification, and has been authorized Recognized Certification Body (RCB) to verifiy and issue Type Approval certificate.

Differences in certification requirements:

1. The Wi-Fi 6E products can be issue complete Type Approval certificate after RCB has verified, and no longer need two-stage certification, speeding up the certification cycle (Original process: after RCB verifies functions other than Wi-Fi 6E and issues partial Type Approval certificate, and then send to the NCC to review the Wi-Fi 6E part and issue a complete Type Approval certificate).

2. The application no longer accepts the EU "ETSI EN 303 687 (2023-06) test report".

Differences in testing requirements:

1. The new version of the "Low-power Radio-frequency Devices Technical Regulations (LP0002) dated February 6, 2024" differs from the previous version mainly by adding a new chapter 5.13: 6 GHz Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Area Network (WAS/RLAN) device (i.e. Wi-Fi 6E products).

2. The test requirements of this new chapter 5.13 mainly refer to the EU regulations ETSI EN 303 687 with additions and subtractions. 

3. There is no difference in the testing requirements for wireless functions other than Wi-Fi 6E.

BTL has experience in many ETSI EN 303 687 product testing cases and has obtained the new version of the Low-power Radio-frequency Devices Technical Regulations (LP0002) testing service accreditation qualifications , if you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us.


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