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BTL is recognized by Qualcomm Smart Transmit test

The recession in 2022 due to the impact of the epidemic on the consumer market will be a difficult year for most manufacturers (mobile phones and terminals) and laboratories, and BTL's professional technical requirements have not been affected by the epidemic and the market. Recession and retreat and cessation.

In May of this year, BTL Laboratory completed the installation of Dasy 8 equipment. 


The DASY 8 equipped by BTL has new test functions:

1. Power Density test capability of 5G NR FR2 and WiFi 6E,

2. Configure the Wrist Phantom, which meets the requirements of IEEE/IEC 62209-1528. For CE certification, you can directly use this Phantom to test watch products.

In order to serve more customers, BTL also invests money and research to obtain the authorization of Qualcomm Smart Transmit test software and the approval of Qualcomm test laboratory. When the product supports TAS function, the report part should be divided into:

a. Part 0: SAR & PD characterization,

b. Part 1: SAR evaluation under static power state,

c. Part 2: SAR evaluation under dynamic power conditions.

At present, the main test scenarios of TAS are as follows:

Time-varying Tx power transmission

1. Change in call scenario (reconnect after call disconnection)

2. Change in technology and band

3. Change in antenna

4. Change in DSI (Device Status Index Scene Switch)

5. Change in time window

6. SAR exposure switching (SAR value switching)

The existing common power reduction is as follows:

a. Receiver on/off (handset switch);

b. Hotspot on/off (hot switch);

c. Proximity sensor (distance sensor);

d. MiMo Tx and simultaneous transmission.

However, 5G NR, WiFi 6E and even the upcoming WiFi 7 will make the antenna design of the terminal more and more difficult. The above methods cannot meet the actual application. The introduction of the TAS function is one of the options of various terminal customers, and BTL also has cSAR. , DASY 8 and ETS 8923 OTA test system, which can assist end customers in testing in one-stop.


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