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Watch as the first draft of the new standards takes place in Beijing


At present, no matter home appliance giant enterprises, Internet enterprises and IT giants are developing intelligent home hardware products, at the same time, they propose to establish intelligent home ecology, and occupy the active position in the future development through the construction of intelligent home ecology.In such a huge consumer market, improving the user experience and product competitiveness of our smart home products will become a problem that enterprises need to think about and face.


Meeting held:

On September 4, 2019, the first compilation meeting of technical specification for wireless connection level evaluation of smart home devices was held in Beijing.The drafting unit of this standard is composed of many enterprises, such as yite technology co., LTD., dongyan xinchao co., LTD. (BTL testing group), China household appliance research institute, zhongjia institute (Beijing) testing and certification co., LTD.The meeting is chaired by qi xin deputy secretary-general of electronic branch of China standardization association.


, in the courtyard, vice President of the China household electric appliance research institute (Beijing) certification testing co., LTD., general manager of QuZongFeng said at the meeting, intelligent home appliances and intelligent household is an important trend of the development of home appliance industry in the future, the growth in the size of the market and, therefore, for the test requirements from item intelligence development of smart home, the whole scene to scene intelligence intelligent interaction stage, in order to enhance the user experience, eagerly anticipates the enterprise development quality, activate the market of smart home wireless connection level specification standard is of great significance.Group logo is more close to the current market needs, with an eye on the development trend of international new technology, the industry standard is flexible and efficient, which can better meet the market competition and research and development innovation, and also provide consumers with more clear consumption guidelines.


Mr. Luo jianxing, general manager of BTL testing group, explained in detail the establishment background and test principle of the wireless interconnection level evaluation standard for smart home.


This standard in the national standard GB/T 28219-2018 "intelligent household appliances general technical requirements and group standards T/CAS290" intelligent home appliance system interconnection and interoperability evaluation technology guide, on the basis of the increase in the Internet of things intelligent electrical appliances product the level of a wireless connection technology index and testing methods, mainly for: loss of transmission power and sensitivity, throughput, roaming, autologous interference, environmental interference, much construction material shielding room, usage scenarios, high temperature and high humidity environment, low latency, low jitter, etc.At the seminar, experts voted and discussed on the influence of power upper limit on transmission performance and throughput test, different connection performance requirements of different categories of smart home appliances, throughput requirements of equipment distance, and standard scoring methods.


The expert group members provided scientific, reasonable and more practical Suggestions for the first preparation of the standard, which is of great significance for the scientificity of the functional evaluation of the test method and the repeatability of the test.


Development significance:

This standard filled the field blank of the national standards, industry standards, innovative, will be conducive to the intelligent household iot technology innovation in our country, the standard design and manufacture of intelligent home appliance, improve users wisdom family, the scene of real experience, give play to the role of innovation standard technical lead, standard drawing board will according to the experts put forward opinions and Suggestions to further modify and perfect.

In the future, BTL will start the verification of wireless performance parameters of various enterprise samples, which will provide strong data support for the determination of the final parameters of the standard.


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