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How much do you know about the FCC market surveillance?

Recently, I have received a lot of inquiries from customers about the FCC market surveillance. So let me list some common problems in the form of Q/A for your reference. Please refer to below.

Q1: What are the principles and cycles of FCC market surveillance?

A1: In accordance with ISO/IEC 17065 a TCB shall perform appropriate post-market surveillance activities. These activities shall be based on type testing a certain number of samples of the total number of product types which the certification body has certified. According to the sample test plan, TCB conducts random inspections. The proportion of supervision is at least 5%, and the cases with SAR account for 1%. The cycle is annual, TCB is required to submit an annual report of their post-market surveillance activities for the calendar year to the FCC by January 31 of the following year. The post-market surveillance report is for all audits performed by the TCB in the previous calendar year.

Q2: Is the FCC market surveillance only for those which have obtained the ID, and the SDOC is not within the scope of the sampling?

A2: Yes, The FCC market surveillance is only for the part that has obtained the FCC ID and the certificate listed on the FCC official website.

Q3: This time, our company's product has been sampled, will we not be sampled for other cases this year?

A3: Whether other cases will be sampled is a matter of probability, so there is also the possibility of being selected.

Q4: Which products are more likely to be selected as market surveillance sample?

A4: The following categories of products may be more likely.

(1) New technologies.

(2) New applicant.

(3) New testing laboratory.

(4) Products with a history of non-compliance.

(5) Products whose test report may be sufficient for approval, but may raise a question of continued compliance.

(6) Requests from the FCC for an audit to be performed on specific product or a group of products.

(7) Potential impact from a non-compliant device on licensed radio services, the public switched telephone network (PSTN), or a user.

Q5: I heard that the market surveillance needs to be tested in the labs of the MRA country. Is it true?

A5: There is no such requirement for the FCC Market Surveillance. And the IC Market Surveillance must be finished by those labs, which must be in the subset of ISED recognized labs in Canada MRA partner economies only.

Q6: Can you briefly explain the process of the FCC market surveillance?

A6: According to the sample test plan, TCB conducts random inspections. The drawn FCC ID, TCB will send an email to the contact window of the corresponding applicant. If you have received the market surveillance email, please read the email in detail, and follow the instructions to complete the market surveillance. Proceed as follows:

(1) Reply to TCB emails within the specified time.

(2) Determine the test lab, TCB lab or TCB designated lab.

(3) Contact the corresponding lab.

(4) Send samples

(5) The test lab conducts test and reports according to TCB's test plan.

(6) Submit all relevant documents to TCB.

(7) TCB reviews the documents, meets the requirements, and completes the audit.

Q7: What documents need to be submitted to TCB for review?

A7: All the documents to be submitted will be clearly explained by TCB in the market surveillance email. Usually need to submit the following documents:

(1) Manual: marketed version, scanned version.

(2) Photos document of EUT (internal, external, the label)

(3) Test report (According to the test plan, some TCBs require that the original test data be submitted at the same time)

(4) Photos document of the test setup

Q8: What will be the impact if the TCB market surveillance email is ignored and the sample test is not sent?

A8: If TCB fail to receive a response to the market surveillance, the matter will be turned over to the FCC for non-compliance. This FCC ID will likely be cancelled. And the probability of being sampled by the next market surveillance will be relatively large.

Q9: What standard to use for market surveillance?

A9: KDB 610077 for your reference.

BTL TW is an ISED- recognized lab located in the Canadian MRA partner economies. so FCC and/or IC market surveillance can be finished in BTL. If you need it, please feel free to contact the BTL team at any time.


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