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The latest concession after Brexit: the use of CE mark will be extended indefinitely

On August 1, 2023, the Department for Business and Trade announced that the use of the CE mark in enterprises will be extended indefinitely after the December 2024 deadline, while retaining the UKCA mark recognition method.

The extension will provide businesses with flexibility and choice to use either the UKCA or CE approach to sell products in Great Britain.

This comes as part of a wider package of smarter regulations designed to ease business burdens and help grow the economy by cutting barriers and red tape.

The Business Secretary acted urgently on this issue, to prevent a cliff-edge moment in December 2024 when UKCA was set for entry. This intervention will ensure businesses no longer face uncertainty over the regulations and can cut back on unnecessary costs freeing them up to focus on innovation and growth.

These updates apply to 18 regulations under the jurisdiction of the Department for Business and Trade (DBT). The products involved include electromagnetic compatibility, radio equipment, etc., as follows:

●   toys

●   pyrotechnics

●   recreational craft and personal watercraft

●   simple pressure vessels

●   electromagnetic compatibility

●   non-automatic weighing instruments

●   measuring instruments

●   measuring container bottles

●   lifts

●   equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

●   radio equipment

●   pressure equipment

●   personal protective equipment (PPE)

●   gas appliances

●   machinery

●   equipment for use outdoors

●   aerosols

●   low voltage electrical equipment

Regarding the indefinite extension of the use of the CE mark in the UK, please feel free to contact BTL if you have any questions!


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