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2024-06-14Update of energy-saving certification execution standards a
2024-05-15Information sharing on recent changes in Indonesia’s SDPP
2024-05-11Information Sharing on Saudi Arabia's New EMC Regulations
2024-04-07KEA Korea Issues Notice on Revision of Regulations for Oper
2024-04-02Indonesia SDPPI will strengthen the enforcement of certific
2024-03-22NBTC is holding a public hearing, come and express yourself
2024-03-21[Tip] The FCC Wi-Fi 6E VLP device is here!
2024-03-15Comprehensive Introduction of Parallel Testing for Electron
2024-03-07News about Russia’s draft amendment to the unified list
2024-02-21Mexico issues the Guidelines for the use of the IFT Seal an


2024-05-29Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the EU USB-C (Common Ch
2024-04-24[real stuff] What are the certification requirements for FCC
2024-04-23SparkLink comes on, BTL assists in SparkLink certification
2024-04-08Interpretation | Immunity to conducted disturbances - Electr
2024-04-01EN IEC 62368-1:2020 DOW has been extended to 2025-12-07 agai
2024-03-12Lithium batteries for electric bicycles are safe, and mandat
2024-03-11[Interpretation] What is FCC Wi-Fi 6E AFC?
2024-02-20[Interpretation] NCC Low Power RF Technical Specifications U
2024-01-03RF beauty equipment will be included in three types of medic
2023-12-28FAQs for California Energy Commission Computers and Displays

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